A grass floor mat steadily reducing the vehicle's speed, allowing racing champions to compete in a safer environment. AstroTurf Grand Prix is designed to meet with the high standards of motorsports, being installed on Formula 1 race tracks and approved by the FIA.

Our many satisfied customers agree that the quality of ASTROTURF floor mats puts it above any other floor covering product on the market.

72,000 grass blades per square meter!

ASTROTURF Grand Prix is a high quality heavy duty outdoor grass matting, designed for environments where adhesion is required. The grass blades are 20,5 mm high, and there are a minimum of 72000 blades per square meter. This carpet grass effectively resists abrasion and did not lose any blades after a 45000 cycle destructive WRONZ test. Backing is made of non-woven polyester fabric with a fiberglass scrim for additionnal mechanical strength. Flooring ASTROTURF Grand

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stable and fit for outdoor use in all weather (-25°C to +45°C).

Our product is made of 100% recyclable Polyethylene.