Resistance tests

Flame propagation

Chemical resistance

Acid Chrome Palting Solution: Excellent
Norganic Flux (Borax): Excellent
Ammonium Persulphate: Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid (10%): Excellent
Benzene: Good
Lubrificating Oil: Good
Chlorinated Water: Excellent
Methyl Ethyl Ketone: Good
Cooking Oil: Excellent
Methyl Chloride: Good
Cutting Oil (Water Base): Excellent
MIBK: Good
Mineral Spirits: Excellent
10% Salt water: Excellent
Nickel Sulphate: Excellent
Electroless Tin Sol: Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide: Excellent
Ethyl Acetate: Good
Sulphuric Acid (24%): Excellent
Ethyl Alcohol: Excellent
Ferric Chloride: Excellent
Sodium Triphosphate: Excellent
Gasoline: Good

If in doubt about any specific application, please contact Solutia.

Environmental aspects

Astroturf Grand Prix is 100% recyclable.
Does not contain any cfc, solvent, cadmium or mercury.
Can be recognised as non hazardous and non-toxic.
Product is biologically inert.
Waste can follow normal household waste channels.

Others specifications

Weight: 3.0 – 3.3 kg/m2
Width: 90.4 – 91.6 cm
Length minimum: 16 m
Thickness: 17.5 – 20.5 mm

Astroturf® Glue Down Rolls are manufactured and marketed by GRASSTECH SPRL/BVBA
Astroturf® is a registered trade mark used under license from Astroturf® , LLC.
All rights reserved.